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Dragon Clan

Those of the Dragon live and die by ancient martial codes and philosophy and believe that power is worthless without wisdom and discipline to guide it. They live according to feudal traditions, each member of the clan fulfilling his role, for excellence and balance in life, and this philosophy permeates their lives.

Lord Oja, the Serpent Clan leader, was assassinated by unknown forces seven years ago. His first son is dead, and his second, Kenji Oja, the "Little Dragon," fled the country. Battle realms begins with his return, and he must decide what path he is to walk as he takes control of his father's people.

The beliefs of the Dragon Clan are expressed most perfectly in their fighting units - their swordsmen, archers, and geisha healers embody the Dragon traditions of bravery and wisdom. In Kenji's hands, this clan is like a perfectly balanced sword, a tool that may bring order and peace back to a land torn by civil war.