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Lotus Clan

Those belonging to the Lotus are exiles from their own people - a sect of wizards that were banished rom their homeland for breaking clan law and pursuing the Forsaken Path. Their people are thin and pale. Bleached-white hair is universal. The length of a soldier's hair indicates his rank - the longer the better. Their armor is shiny and metallic, gold and silver in color, but flimsy and actually less effective than the Dragon clan's samurai armor or the Wolf clan's shale plates. Weapons are equally thin and flimsy, but often magically touched and able to strike multiple opponenents at once.

The Lotus clan's society has built its foundations on an odd religion that revovles around a tree tended by three brothers. Each brother speaks for a diffferent aspect of the tree - one brother the leaves, one the trunk, and one the blade that tends the tree's roots.

The clan has a problem. They are being consumed from within by their corrupting magics. The corruption attaches itself to human life, but can be temporarily contained in other vessels (such as the single-staffs of the Unclean). Even the master warlocks can only contain their corruption for so long.

If the Lotus clan had discovered the problem early enough, they could have returned to their people for help, but now it is too late.

The attacks of the Lotus clan's second-tier units are attempts to expel the corruption temporarily, maintaining just enough balance to keep the units alive until they can contain the corruption with stronger magics.

Physically weak but magically strong, alternately sycophantic and vengeful, the Lotus clan bows to the strong and rules the weak. Their ability to manipulate the superstitious Wolf clan has served them well. By raping the Wolf Clan's lands of all its best metals and minerals, the Lotus clan has become rich on the blood, sweat and tears of others.