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Lotus Clan

The Wolf Clan lives closer to nature than the other clans; they are as fierce as their namesake, and at times seem primitive and superstitious. The Wolf clan were early arrivals on the island, when long ago their island was flooded in the climatic disruptions that followed the breaking of the continent. When they put to sea the currents in the channel drove them on to the shores of the Serpent Clan's land. There they settled in a high, craggy region, isolated, until the Lotus Clan arrived and enslaved them after a long, bloody struggle.

Wolf Clan tribesmen are brutally strong, and the Lotus used them as laborers to mine their own land for metal and minerals. This still shows in their fighting style - long denied weapons, they adapted mining tools into combat equipment. Spikes and clubs once used to shatter stone were repurposed to deadly effect when they won a vicious war of liberation, led by a former miner named Grabyback.

Of all the clans, the Wolf are the most attuned to nature; it is the focus of their religion, and even their homes, tools and weapons are fashioned from raw stone and uncarved wood. Their culture revovles around a game called Wolfball, roughly a cross between rugby and baseball, that trains them for war, keeps them strong and fierce, and embodies their sense of life. Their religion and magic are druidic - they worship the power of nature, and draw on it to inspire their fighters and frustrate their foes.

Alone aomong the Clans, the Wolf Clan does not seek to control or conquer its enemies - their only goal is to return home. To this end, they hope to recapture the Serpent Orb, the ancient artifact by which the land was broken, and use its magic to return them to their island.