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Battle Realms Soundtrack

Battle Realms features a great soundtrack, a lot of game reviewers have received it very well. Some of the major reviews as taken from (the composer's) Killer-Pineapples site are listed below: - Gavin Carter. January 11, 2002

"As with most features in the game, Liquid has gone out of their way to tailor the music to each clan. Each clan also has individualized battle music that meshes perfectly with the standard music. The score is varied and long enough to resist becoming boring, even after multiple campaigns." - William "Big Daddy" Abner. November, 2001

" mood music" - Greg Kasavin. November, 2001

"...the understated Far Eastern-sounding music is perfectly suited to the action."

I myself also think that the sound track matches the mood and fits each clan that it was made for perfectly. I also think that the soundtrack should not be trapped inside the game and so I have put it available for download.

***Please Read the Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Page Before Downloading***

The download for the soundtrack is at the bottom of this page. In order to extract the files from the archive you would need an tool such as 7zip or similar.


01. Dragon - Better Days Combat
02. Dragon - Better Days Normal
03. Dragon - Dragon Warrior Combat
04. Dragon - Dragon Warrior Normal
05. Dragon - Dragon Cave Combat
06. Dragon - Dragon Cave Normal
07. Dragon - Serpent Son Combat
08. Dragon - Serpent Son Normal
09. Dragon - The Dragon Returns Combat
10. Dragon - The Dragon Returns Normal
11. Freedom
12. Horde
13. Koi Pond
14. Lotus - Dark Homily Combat
15. Lotus - Dark Homily Normal
16. Lotus - Death Ceremony Combat
17. Lotus - Death Ceremony Normal
18. Lotus - Overthrow Combat
19. Lotus - Overthrow Normal
20. Lotus - Perversion Combat
21. Lotus - Perversion Normal
22. Lotus - Unholy Combat
23. Lotus - Unholy Normal
24. Menu 1
25. Menu 2
26. Return of the Dragon
27. Serpent - Fall of Serpentholm Combat
28. Serpent - Fall of Serpentholm Normal
29. Serpent - Harvest Time Combat
30. Serpent - Harvest Time Normal
31. Serpent - Serpent Attack Combat
32. Serpent - Serpent Attack Normal
33. Serpent - Swans Pool Combat
34. Serpent - Swans Pool Normal
35. Wolf - Battle Preparations Combat
36. Wolf - Battle Preparations Normal
37. Wolf - Fire Dance Combat
38. Wolf - Fire Dance Normal
39. Wolf - Freedom Combat
40. Wolf - Freedom Normal
41. Wolf - Scouting Trip Combat
42. Wolf - Scouting Trip Normal

Total Playing Time: .............01:39:21
Total Size:.......................227,00 MB


File Size: -------- 216 MB (221,487 KB)
Bitrate: ---------- 320 Kbps
Format: --------- .mp3
Filetype: --------- .rar
Download Here


The Battle Realms/Winter of the Wolf Soundtrack is not owned by, it is copyrighted by its Owners (Liquid Entertainment and Killer-Pineapple).